SQL Blimp™: Hovering above Database Chaos – about John.

I’m John Tamburo.  I’ve been in IT for over 30 years.  I’ve been a SQL Server devotee since 1994, Version 6.0 being my first exposure.  Nowadays, I lead a DBA crew of three for a publicly-traded company in the occupational radiation measurement business.

We DBA have many challenges flying at us all of the time.  Explosive database growth.  New applications with sanity-challenged databases, where DBA has little to work with to optimize performance.  Architectural challenges such as scale-up vs. scale-out.  Deciding which new technologies fit within the company.  Trying to grow a career and learning to work as a team with people that have different personalities and tempraments and talents.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned battling in the trenches.  I have some areas in which I specialize:

  • Daily DBA trench warfare
  • Indexing
  • Optimizing performance with sub-optimal databases
  • Normalization
  • Replication, especially peer-to-peer transactional replication
  • DR
  • Team-building and staff development.
  • All new:  DBA and ITIL-Aligned Operations.

Sharing is that which will help us all prosper.  Who has not used Michelle Ufford’s wonderful index defrag SP?  I use it in production daily.  Pinal Dave has shared his excellent missing index script, which I’ve adapted for our shop.

I continue to be amazed by the generosity of our community.  Even those of us who sell SQL expertise to others for a living are generous.  Witness the helpful tools published by SQLSkills and Brent Ozar Unlimited.

The SQL Blimp is coming to help you hover above your database chaos.  I’ll be publishing scripts and tutorials. I hope to present at the next SQL Saturday in the general area of Chicago.  I hope further to present at PASS Summit in 2016.

Thanks for visiting.  Happy hovering!

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